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Rachel Cochran

Name: Rachel Cochran Current Location: New York, NY Sometime in December 2013, it dawned on me that I couldn’t live the rest of my life like a college kid on spring break, so I made a conscious effort to discover new hobbies. I went to drawing classes, I spent mornings teaching kids to read, I joined… Read More »

Erin Kelly

Name: Erin Kelly   Current Location: Harlem, NY Since joining TMIRCE I’ve… finished 8 marathons, survived a 200-mile relay race across Cape Cod without any shower breaks, helped pace an ultra marathon, gone on many road trips to run races I’m not prepared for, been introduced to the sport of triathlon, bought a bike (and in general,… Read More »

Claire Wind

Name: Claire Wind Current Location: Brooklyn, New York “High Fives and Good Vibes” After running competitively in high school and college,  I moved to NYC and decided that running and I needed to break-up. I wanted to focus on my career and thought that making new friends and having to schedule runs into my day would… Read More »

Joe Yoga

Name: Joseph Oleary Current Location: New York City, NY Picking up running when I did (three years ago, a few months shy of my 39th birthday) is, I imagine, to the outside observer, clearly a response to me quitting smoking in conjunction with some sort of midlife crisis event. The simple explanation is that I just switched… Read More »

Chris Ho

Name: Christopher Ho: Current Location: Upper West Side, New York: I found TMIRCE by… I was by myself at the east river track when I stumbled upon TMIRCE and the best track workout ever. Since then my life has been forever changed, forever.

Jiheng Huang

Name: Jiheng Huang Location: New York City, NY I found TMIRCE by… Riding the subway with fellow TMIRCE runners Jerry and Zoran! It was New Year’s Day this year and we were on our way to Coney Island to participate in the ‘Polar Bear Plunge’! They kindly introduced me to the group. I was shocked… Read More »