Monthly Runs

If there is one thing that TMIRCErs love, it’s burning calories running!

If there is one thing that TMIRCErs love even more, it’s refilling calories with delicious food!!

Which is why we have monthly specialty runs focused on doing some early morning miles, grabbing food, and hanging out with the smiliest people this side of a high five!

TMIRCE Foodie Run!

Running is a great way of getting to see the city, running for food is a great way to get to see the city and find new restaurants; which is exactly why you do not want to miss our Foodie Run.

We meet at a location, do a 4ish mile run and end at a restaurant for where we enjoy conversation and delicious food!

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TMIRCE Donut Run

Sometimes the stars align and we’re able to combine miles with donuts, and on those days we rejoice and devour copious amounts of circular magic.

Find the donut goodness!

Usually offering a 4 mile route and a 7+ mile route, we make our way to a donut shop and enjoy the amazing restorative properties of doughy goodness. This is a fun run, so the route is chalked ahead of time and you are able to run at whatever pace you want.









Click here for a calendar of upcoming special events!